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How to Design Your Home Interior in a Limited Budget

Are you on a tight budget? Here are a few tips to design your home interior with limited finance.

Home décor is something that makes a house a home. It makes your home something you are proud of; someplace cozy to come back to when you feel a little blue.

Live life king size! That’s what every one of us wants but all of us might not have the means to do it the expensive way. Over the years the designers have let the homeowners in on certain secrets on how a certain shade of paint or the correct size of a window can change the entire look of the room. It’s all in the little things that you do. When you go through the list you might be surprised to see how the smallest of things matter and can bring elegance to your home décor.

Below we have a list of things you can do to make your house look posh and not dent your bank account.


Tips to Design Your Home Interior in a Limited Budget


Home Interior in a Limited Budget


  • Paint 

A paint job can be looked at as a time consuming and expensive work if you plan to redo your entire house at a single stretch. Most of the home interior designers make it easily by taken it apart and done it in batches. You can paint it in two ways. One is to choose a color theme that is neutral and is not season-specific and stick with it for the entire houses. Neutral colors like grey and white will go well with black interiors and give an elegant look. Another way you could do this is by choosing a bold and dramatic color theme and ensuring the add ons to the décor will match the one chosen. It depends on the personality of the homeowner but Neutral is something that can never go wrong.


  • Molding

Molding is in trend and that too for the right reasons. Not only does it gives your home a Victorian feel but also comes in very handy when you need a large room to have a perfect finish at a cheap cost. Crown molding can be used on walls, ceilings, columns, and chair rails. Adding molding in chair rails gives the room a classical proportion and in a very unique way to avoid your chairs from ruining your beautiful walls (chair rails, got the reference?)

  • Furniture 

The best feeling to have is to come home to your favorite recliner after a hectic day. But choosing the right furniture can make a lot of difference in the look and feel of your home. Cheap furniture will look cheap and cost you more at the end of the day if you try to save a few bucks. There is a very creative workaround to this problem. Find your next piece of furniture at a second-hand store or a garage sale and you would be having a lot more money than you thought you could. Another thing you can do is to declutter your home and minimize the furniture to give your home a classy feel. Don’t want to let go of a few dear and near ones? reupholster it and you are good to go.


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  • Pillows 

Accessorize your rooms with throw pillows to brighten the room. Pillows will give an edgy and playful look to the furniture and the room. Do not forget about the comfort the guests would feel while sitting your well-planned furniture with fuller pillows perfectly matching the paints on the wall. This can be a little expensive, however down-filled pillows are the best ones.


  • Lighting 

Even with all the fancy pillows and furniture and paint adorning your abode, perfect light seems to be the one huge factor that can bring all the efforts to bring to life. Perfect lighting can elevate the look of the house manifold. Choose the pieces which are unique and keep a check on how the light falling on your walls and furniture adds to the texture. Go for a dramatic effect by adding bulbs and lamps of different sizes. Choose shades that compliment your statement you are making. The best light, if you ask, is sunlight of course!

  • Area Rugs and Hardwood Floors

We spoke about the ceiling, walls, and chairs but let us not forget the most important and largest are we need to consider – the floor. Hardwood floors give the room elegance. Flooring can be a little tricky and expensive when it comes to hardwood as there are different types and finishes you might have to look into. The longevity will suffice the cost involved. Be it hardwood or not, area rugs on the floor lift the floor and brilliantly accessorize the room. 

Accessorize the rooms with open shelves and cabinets; add flowers and greenery to your rooms to give a welcoming and cool look. Allow more sunlight to come in use high and wide curtains in complimenting colors to make the room bigger and brighter

The best thing about this list, you ask? This need not be treated as a huge one-time investment and go for it all at once. This could be broken down into groups and do one or two at a time so that you get the feeling of home improvement in every step and helps you to keep check of the budget and latest trends as well.


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