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Ever been to a place and wondered how beautiful the furniture there is? Places that would blow your mind off, grab your attention through their sheer brilliance and elegance. We are the ones who create such artful spaces, the spaces at where comfort resonates with art.

Lemon Interiors is the most versatile manufacturer of modular kitchens, dining areas, bedrooms and living spaces in Kochi. Committed to the philosophy of design that makes sense, we have perfected the art of producing masterpieces that transform your place into a miniature wonder. Every time you glance at a piece of furniture or space made by us you just go "wow".

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At Lemon interiors we focus on providing exactly what our clients envision at an affordable price, maintaining premium levels of quality. From raw materials to final assembly we handle everything in house, promising you a thoroughly focussed and professional approach

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” - Milton Glaser

Lemon Kitchen

A Lemon Kitchen design ensures that you have a free flow to expressing your love for your family by dishing out an argentine salad or a chettinad chicken and not hindered by finding ways to reach to the topmost shelf or keep searching for your spice containers. Also, we believe Lemon Kitchen should be an asset that you can show off to your people too.

Lemon Bedroom

We would call our designer bedrooms as Lemon recoil. A bedroom should have the perfect storage, rejuvenating sleeping-space, clean floor, and above all the feeling of it being “My own Space”. Our designs work towards that, to give you the feeling of having arrived.

Lemon Utilities

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Whoever had said this would have visited one of our clients. As we go about designing a space for the purpose of it, our hidden intentions are to make it look gorgeous too. That’s how you make your first impressions!!!

Other services

At Lemon Interior Designers, we understand the client first and then design the space the person owns according to this understanding. Our work goes to providing end to end solutions in the field of space designing for our clients. May it be furniture, walls, flooring or any other form of interior works. So feel free to talk to us about your space, in total.


There is nothing more happier than listening to a happy customer. It has been absolute pleasure for Team Lemon to work with customers like you. Listen to Mr. Varghese (GCC Head for UNIMONI - Noel Enliva), Thiruvalla speak on our work for him.

We would like to thank you and your team for the satisfactory completion of the work at our new villa at Vazhakala. We are extremely impressed by the quality of the finished product and the quality of materials used. All the promises were met in time and we did not have any thing in negative to tell your team at any stage. Our special mention about Mr.Reji, the designer, for his support not only in matters connected with the contracted work specifications but also much beyond so as to ease our troubles in converting the building to a home. We will cherish this relationship for long.

Mr. Suresh C, Senior Consultant, TCS & Mrs. A Radika,

Former National Table Tennis Champion and Olympian (1996 Atlanta), presently with Indian Oil Corporation, Kerala State

Me and my family would like to thank Lemon team for their impressive work in my apartment in Sowparnika Cannary. The execution in terms of meeting deadline and the finish was as we had discussed initially. Great job and we sincerely wish you a good future.

Mr. Anish Kumar G,

Asst. Motor Vehichles Inspector, Sub RTO, Thiruvalla

The design of the dining area and kitchen was done taking into consideration our needs and we are delighted with the result. The execution and quality of the work is to our entire satisfaction.

Mr. Thomas Ravi,

CA Professional

Being in Sales field, my focus has been to have a great lifestyle at the best costing. Lemon and its designer Mr. Reji has given a wonderful product through their quality work in my apartment in Chelloor Eldorado, Kakkanad. I recommend Lemon interior designers for other people like me who are busy travelling with their work.

Mr. R Vijay Krishnan,

Sika India Pvt Ltd., Sales Manager for Kerala and Karnataka

Wonderful work Team Lemon. My strong recommendations for others who are looking for a professional interior designer.

Mr. Vipul John Job,

Mg Director, Super Crumbs Rubbers Pvt. Ltd.

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