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Best Office Interior Designers in Kochi


Make your workplaces engaging and ergonomic with modern and innovative interior design and décor solutions from Lemon Interior Designers. Offering stunning office décor solutions and furnishing of all kinds and scales, Lemon Interior Designers has a team of extremely bright and creative professionals for office interior designing needs. Being one of the leading office interior designers in Kochi, Lemon offers the perfect workspace interior designing service considering the space constraints, budget, type of operations, etc.

We have crafted, planned, designed and renovated many corporate offices and workspaces. Be it seating planning, cubicle planning, office renovation of specific areas of your workspace or be it modernizing the office interiors as per the current work requirements – Lemon Interiors offers the best and the most efficient ergonomic office interior design setups for every budget. Our dedication, ability to constantly learn and evolve as per the trends and client requirements and finesse in giving a perfect form to our client’s wishes make us one of the best office interior designers in Kochi.

In the age of start-ups, efficiency and the ability to achieve more with less input have become essential for every work environment. Keeping this in mind we offer office design and décor process centred on the budget, space, design preferences, size of the team and nature of work. We have high regards for our project timelines and deliver the work within the stipulated time frame. Our unique designs, impressive floor plans, a knack for giving the best solutions for different sets of requirements and ability to understand the client requirements in the best way have helped us to carve a niche for ourselves as one of the leading corporate interior designers in Cochin.

Why Lemon Interior Designers For Office Interior Designs In Kochi?


This decade has been a real game-changer as far as modernization is concerned. Offices that used to be mundane and boring have become more energetic, diverse and have completely transformed themselves. Start-ups and SMBs are taking the front seat and young professionals are working in environments having out-of-the-box design and décor.

Lemon Interior Designers is a team of young, energetic and brilliant minds that understand the diverse and unique demands of contemporary and modern office environments. We are the most unique office interior designers in Kochi that fully understand the modern working environment and offer design and office décor solutions accordingly. Bay areas, cubicles, open seating, cabins, conference rooms, meeting rooms, reception areas, lobbies, pantries, canteen and cafeteria, entertainment areas, executive suites and lots more – we offer design and office décor services for all kinds of office setups.

At Lemon, we have a team of experienced office interior designers to create the perfect workspace that reflects your business goals and improves the productivity of your employees. Our office interior designers in Kochi can create inspiring space at your workplace. Call us to know more about office interior designing in Kochi.

FAQ-Office Interior Designing

The cost of office interior designers varies with the area of workspace, experience of the designer, work complexity etc. When it comes to choosing the best office interior designers in Kochi, do some research and pick the right one with adequate experience in the field.
A good office interior designer will create a space that reflects your interior design with style & business goals, design a comfortable atmosphere with the right pieces and design to increase the productivity of your employees, build a perfect reception area and a lot more.
While choosing an office interior designer, you need to consider the portfolio of the designer, year of experience, professionalism, rate of work, etc.
A good office interior design layout includes creating a sense of collaboration and creativity through large, open-plan spaces. Also, it offers maximum flexibility, the best colour scheme, dynamic spaces, perfect lighting, branding opportunities, and more.
The colours that work best for your office include soft off-white, light blue, pastel yellow, purple, blue-grey combinations etc.