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Living Room Interior Designers

Living Room Interior Designers in Kochi


The living room is one of the most crucial and the most used area of every house. It is also the place where the entire family spends most of its time. Attending guests, enjoying a family movie, chatting over tea or hot cups of coffee, enjoying a novel while lazing on the couch, admiring the souvenirs you have collected from the places you visited and general seating – a living room is a space where the entire family lives! And, giving an individual and unique definition to this space as per the sentiments and lifestyles of different families is something we, at Lemon Interior Designers, specialize in!

Lemon is the powerhouse of some of the most exceptional and brilliant living room interior designers in Kochi that promise to design and style the most outstanding living rooms for all our clients. Achieving a new design or setting with unlimited resources and carte blanche is not a daunting task and can be accomplished easily. But, employing the best creativity to create spaces with stories interweaved that represent your taste and living standards is something that requires talent and impeccable management of all kinds of resources.

Lobby design and décor; conversation pits; rustic décor with distinct earthy and green elements; modern sleek décor; industrial décor for bachelor pads; traditional décor and design for families with a religious bend of mind; airy spaces with minimal décor and furnishings and lots more – the portfolio at Lemon is the most engaging and full of variety amongst all the living room interior designers in Kochi.

Why Lemon Interior Designers For Your Living Room Interior Designs in Kochi?


Why choose ordinary, when you can stand apart? Why stick to the patterns, when you can have a design as unique as you? Why settle for availability, when you can choose creative expertise? In the crowd of all the living room interior designers in Kochi, Lemon Interior Designers is a breath of fresh air that offers stunning settings, designs and décor solutions for living room interior designs of all kinds, all sizes, and all settings.

We refuse to let the small spaces, limited budgets and elusive trends dictate the way we can create different settings and constantly strive for attaining a uniqueness and individuality that is strongly reflected in our projects. Being one of the top living room interior designers in Kochi, Lemon Interior Designers take pride in being the catalyst to help you get the tangible translations of your dreams and dream hall spaces in your home.

Our dedication towards innovative design and décor and commitment towards quality is unbeatable and make us the best choice amongst all the living room decorators in Kochi. So, join hands with us to create stories to remember and cherish!

FAQ-Living Room Designing

A living room can be made to look beautiful in many ways.Like artwork, paintings and furnishings other elements like flooring, wall paint, ceiling design,lighting fixtures, and furniture play an important role in beautifying a space.
Living room colour combinations are done by inspecting the home. But the most common colour combinations are white and grey, lavender and white, all white, white and beige, yellow and white..
The living room styles include: modern, minimalistic, eclectic, rustic, industrial, traditional, Scandinavian, Mid Century and Asian styles.
In a consultation you can share your ideas, concepts and related issues you feel. The interior designers then share the practical ways to implement your concepts, or suggest best designs that can suit your requirements.