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10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Modular Kitchen

The modular kitchens have become the heart and soul of modern homes. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also make it easier to work inside a kitchen. The modular kitchens come with specific space for everything, which makes it easier to keep the kitchens organized. While the traditional cabinet and shelf-based kitchens used to offer simplicity only, the modular kitchens offer utility and smart organization along with simplicity. 

All the kitchen tools, gadgets and appliances have a specific place in the modular kitchens. Many kitchen appliances are wall-mounted as well, such as ovens, coffee machines and dispensers. You can keep the eyesores such as gas cylinders, water purifiers, boxes and containers etc hidden inside the cabinets. In fact, even the cabinets come with movable and pull-out shelves of various types that make it easier to utilize the corner space and clean the same.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Modular Kitchen

With all the above-mentioned and many other advantages, the modular kitchens are a hit among the modern population. We are going to discuss the things that you must keep in your mind before modular kitchen installation. Read them carefully to make sure you get the best value out of every rupee you invest.

 modular kitchen installation

  • Plan the kitchen design according to space.

One of the biggest advantages offered by a modular kitchen is the flexibility of design. You can plan the cabinets, counters and other storage areas according to the space you have. Even the smallest corners can be put to use and you can adjust pantries, cutlery drawers and cabinets according to the shape and size of your kitchen. By adding wall-mount appliances and kitchen accessories, you can plan your kitchen the way you want. 

  • Storage for the need.

You must plan the storage drawers and other options keeping your need and family size in mind. If you have a small family, you don’t have to go for a large kitchen with lots of space, as it is going to increase your maintenance burden and costs. Similarly, if you have a large family, you must plan the storage accordingly. 

  • Ventilation is a must.

While most of the people these days opt for closed windows or fixed glass windows, you must keep your kitchens well-ventilated. Ventilation keeps the kitchen fresh, airy and free from fumes. It also proves handy in emergency situations such as gas leaks and fires etc. Further, you must have provision for an exhaust fan even if you have a chimney. This ensures that all the cooking fumes are thrown out of the kitchen.

kitchen ventillation

  • Compartmentalizing the space for better organization.

Instead of getting new kitchen and drawer accessories for organizing small things, you must opt for compartmentalizing the available space and drawers. This way you are able to make the most of the available space without having to change the core construction of the drawers and cabinets. Lazy Susan for cabinets, partitions for drawers, hanging accessories for crockery and other such daily essentials are some of the must-consider options.

  • Kitchen Material

These days you can find a lot of materials to build modular kitchens. Metal coated contact paper, vinyl sheets, laminates, PVC Sheets, wood, Ply and plastic materials – there are a lot of options to consider. However, you must choose a material that is easy to clean, easy to maintain, is durable and suits your budget. Avoid getting light-coloured ply sheets if you are not going to have a chimney. The light colours will get deposited with the cooking grease and will turn unsightly in a few years.

  • Look at all your options

Every person has limited knowledge and understanding of different types of kitchen accessories. This is because kitchen accessories are improved and modernized at a rapid pace. So, when you start with your kitchen, you must check all your options in terms of kitchen accessories and organizers. Fittings, containers, corner storage and fixtures – there are tons of things to choose from.

  • Don’t miss the pantry

Many times people go for a renovation instead of building a new kitchen. In such cases, they already have a cement slab in the kitchen, and might not have a space for a pantry. But, a pantry is a must when it comes to modular kitchen installation. So, even if you don’t have a proper space for it, you can cut the cement slab and then proceed with pantry installation. A pantry keeps everything in one place and thus, all your things can stay organized. A pantry also compensates for the lack of drawers and cabinets and makes the smaller kitchens more utilitarian.

  • Backsplash Tiling is much more than just being a fancy decoration.

The kitchen backsplash tiles run all around the kitchen work-area. However, this is also where people make the most of the mistakes. They tend to choose tiles with too many intricate patterns, colours or patterns. This results in a poorly lit kitchen that is difficult to clean once the splatters of food and detergent get lodged in the tiles. So, choose the backsplash tiles with proper consideration.

  • Kitchen Island reduces space.

While most of the people want to have a central kitchen island, it reduces the moving space in the kitchen. So, if you have a small kitchen, don’t get a modular kitchen with a central island.

kitchen island-


  • Dimensions that suit your preferences.

While your carpenters might argue with you regarding the dimensions, you can modify them as per your preferences. This is the whole idea behind the modular kitchen installation. You can keep the sizes of cabinets and drawers, etc as per your preferences. 

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Modular Kitchen Do’s And Don’ts

When you set-up a modular kitchen to your home certain common mistakes need to be avoided and common practices to make the modular kitchen more suitable for you.

Do’s In Modular Kitchen Installation

You can make use of the below points during modular kitchen installation for your home:-

  • Set up a theme by paying attention to flooring, wall, ceilings to match your theme.
  • Choose kitchen layout like U-shaped, L-shaped, Parallel, Straight and Island shaped can be installed according to the availability of space.
  • Consult a reputed and expert interior designer to get the perfect modular kitchen as per your preferences and budget.
  • Keep your cooking preferences and cuisine preferences in mind while choosing the kitchen accessories.

Don’ts In Modular Kitchen Installation

These points should be strictly avoided when installing a modular kitchen.

  • Don’t invest in too flashy and fancy items just because they look good. Choose utility overlooks so as to enjoy better returns on your investment. 
  • Avoid open shelves instead hide things smartly and try to minimize the modular  kitchen 

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