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Kitchen Interior Designers in Kochi


Indian Kitchens are one of the busiest kitchens in the world where not only the regional and national cuisines are cooked 3-4 times a day, but food from all over the world are cooked frequently with a unique twist in terms of ingredients! To design a kitchen where such diverse foods are cooked daily for families that consist of kids, elders and young people, is a task that requires experts! Among the hoard of kitchen interior designers in Kochi, Lemon Interior Designers stands apart and promises to deliver a kitchen which makes it easy to cook food, store ingredients, clean and maintain.

With Lemon Interior Designers at work, you can expand your horizons and think beyond having a minimal modular kitchen. Cabinets, different storage solutions for different ingredients, Lazy Suzan, countertops, modern faucets and cleaning and organization aids – Lemon offers a well-planned, efficient and perfectly designed kitchen where you would love to cook and enjoy!

Apart from the common design elements such as storage solutions and organization, our design portfolio has many unique features that keep on being added with passing time. Windows with hanging planters, breakfast corners, smart shelves and different types of easy to clean flooring for the kitchen that can tolerate the grease and still shine without spending much elbow effort – Lemon Interior Designers are one of its kind kitchen interior designers in Kochi for designing modern Indian kitchens within your budget.

Why Lemon for your Kitchen Interior Designs?


In a world full of redundancy and common designs, we refuse to mix-in! We look beyond the common modular kitchens and aspire to design kitchens that are fun and exciting to cook and work in. The boring windows and gas cook-tops are a thing of the past. Smart induction cook-tops, planters and wall-gardens in the kitchen, rustic decor around cooking island, ergonomic drawers and organization, easy to clean and easy to maintain on a daily basis – our design process and décor temperament have evolved in the light of social and cultural changes in modern India. 

We understand and welcome the changes happening in the modern Indian homes with every family member taking on some responsibility in families with working women. This is what makes us different from all the kitchen interior designers in Kochi. We embrace modern changes while keeping the traditional and regional cooking elements in mind. 

So, join hands with Lemon Interior Designers for a kitchen where you would love to cook without violating your budget!