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Kids Room Interior Designers in Kochi


Make your kids rooms as peppy, vibrant and colourful as the rich imagination of your little ones. Let their favourite superheroes, cartoon characters ramble on the 4 walls of their rooms. Make the floors an ever-ready cot to play and work by installing easy to clean carpeting and rugs. From child-friendly cabinets and storage solutions to child-safe drawers – we give a new definition to modular furniture with kids in the picture. 

Study solutions, working tables and chairs, entertainment and computer corners, beds with special and unique designs and floor plans that make the best possible use of every inch – we, at Lemon, offer a plethora of design and décor services for kids rooms. Indoor furnishing, paintings, storage solutions, play dens, toy rooms, entertainment areas for older kids and any other special design and décor element that your loved one wished for – Lemon Interior Designers will bring forth all the lovely and fantastic design elements to design a wonderland where your little ones can enjoy endless hearty moments. 

What makes us the most unique and the best of kids room interior designers in Kochi is the fact that we don’t restrict ourselves with the boundaries. So, in our portfolios, one can find European, Mid-Western, Asian, Indian, Modern, Contemporary, American and Fusion design elements infused to perfection to create a wonderful space for your kids.

So, partner with the best kids room interior designers in Kochi for getting the most stunning décor and design work or renovation for your kids.

Why Lemon for your Kids Room Interior Designs?


We are unique, we are experts and we are the interior designers of the modern age! We take pride in what we do and leave no stone unturned to make every project our best one. With a team of bright and young professionals with an energetic work process, we work on the timelines and tend to learn with all that we accomplish. Learning and improvement are a never-ending affair at Lemon and we understand the global nature of living and lifestyle that the modern world has. 

For us, well-planned and artistic décor doesn’t mean big budgets and we specialize in space-specific design and décor. Therefore, we tend to keep the elements according to the room and areas of the house being designed without violating the budget limits. Lemon Interior Designers is one of a kind kids room interior designers in Kochi with a distinct flair for designing engaging and age-specific rooms for your kids.