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Top 10 trends for Kitchen Interior Designs in 2020

At the start of the new decade, kitchen interior designers have a lot in store. From must-have colors in the kitchen, materials to be used and brand-new features, all feature on the list. Let us take a brief look at the top 10 trends for kitchen interior designs in 2020.

The kitchen has always been the focal point in any home. It is the place where all in a family get together both at the start and at the end of the day. The kitchen characterizes every house with its warmth and therefore the kitchen interiors should be conducive to exude this warmth. 


New Trends for Kitchen Interior Designs in 2020


trends in kitchen interior designs


1. Smart Kitchens
Kitchens now sport the latest technology and are loaded with the latest appliances and gadgets. With fridges that have movie screens, to controlled lighting (from your tablet or smartphone) to motion sensor fitted faucets that automatically turn on and off, modern kitchens come fitted with different kinds of sensors. The old kitchens can easily be turned into ‘smart’ ones too.


2. Using Unconventional Materials
With brass sheets being applied to countertops and cabinets wrapped up with leather, kitchen interior designers are displaying their taste for the unusual. Out-of-the-ordinary kitchen materials are in the news this decade.


3. Dark is the New White
The white color for the kitchen is already on its way out this decade. Island with dark wood stain color pops of dark blue and green seem to be the new favorites. Dark jewel tones such as emerald green and plum shades are adorning kitchen cabinets and countertops. Their effect is quite dramatic and gives a feel of luxury. However, one has to be careful not to end up making the kitchen grim and dull.


4. Quartz is King
In high-end homes, quartz has always occupied a favored spot in the kitchen décor. In addition to being hardy, it is easy to maintain and possesses anti-microbial properties. Granite is a close competitor but requires a little more maintenance.
With advanced technologies, quartz is now available in a variety of colors in addition to the basic stone appearance. Quartz can now be manufactured to imitate natural stones with even the large swirls and veins.


5. Focus on Pets
It is predicted that kitchen designs in 2020 are going to more pet-friendly than ever before. Pets like dogs and cats tend to hang out with the owners in the kitchens for the most part of the day. The latest kitchen cabinets come with alcoves underneath them to hose the dog bowls. There are storage areas to store doggie food, the bowls, their treats, and even the leashes. Doggy cantinas right there in the kitchen are the latest design trend.


6. Storage Solutions in Cabinetry
No one wants to waste space anymore. Traditional houses had shelves and cabinet designs that eventually wasted space. In the kitchen of today, space wasted causes annoyance. Sometimes, the available space is too small to keep your larger objects.To tide over all these difficulties, a functional kitchen in today’s times is looking for efficient storage schemes within the cabinets that are set up. Appliance garages to store all the odd-shaped appliances, draw-dividers for the spoons and other cutlery pieces, spices storage pull-outs, and deep drawers for the recyclables are sought-after options. All these are designed towards making your life more organized and cooking a fun experience.


7. Multipurpose Kitchen Islands
As focal points in the kitchen, kitchen islands are becoming larger in size. In fact, modern kitchen design seems to have less wall cabinet spacing. For many, kitchen islands are a reflection of their persona and want a design that makes a statement. The islands have storage spaces for appliances while simultaneously providing seating for drinking or eating.
Bigger kitchen islands are now making a foray into living spaces in open room designed apartments. The kitchen island, in these cases, turns out to be multi-functional without using up too much of kitchen space.


multipurpose kitchen islands


8. Trending Backsplash Designs
With all other design aspects changing in the kitchen, so are backsplashes. Backsplashes are always fun to decorate. Backsplashes do not have the subway tiles any longer. Larger slabs with different colors and designs are taking over. So are natural texture tiles and neutral patterns. Backsplash slabs of copper, stainless steel, marble, and quartz are being used. Some backsplashes are even rising up to the ceiling. Upper cabinets are definitely on the way out. Unique lighting and textures all add to the drama.


9. Oven Hoods
Hood designs are in for major changes. Usually, the hood and the range are placed on a wall where they can be seen from the other rooms. Making it a statement is, therefore, the priority now. Custom steel hoods are in things. You need to budget appropriately for all of this. Hoods in mixed, metal designs are popular. Wooden cabinetry with an interspersed steel hood is a great design. Your creativity is what matters.


10. Standalone Kitchen
Whereas some opt for kitchens in their living rooms or other open room designs, there is an equal number that prefers a standalone kitchen according to the latest trends in kitchen interior designs. A separate kitchen gives the feeling of more space and many want the kitchen to be a room designed to serve its actual purpose. Standalone kitchens, in some places, are making a comeback.


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