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There is no other safe place like Home. Being at your home gives a secure feeling. Then why not give back the same to your home. Seasons come and go and so are the chances of your home getting exposed to heat and rain. On a heavy sunny day, you get back to your home and feel relaxed. Similarly, on a moody rainy day, you run back to your home to prevent yourself from getting

concrete countertop kitchen

Kitchen countertops are the most tested and roughly used surface in every home. This is more so in the case of Indian homes. Spices, oil, cutting, boiling, frying, and whatnot. Kitchen countertops stand a silent witness to all these activities. Suffering the stains, burns, and cuts. A strong kitchen countertop that can resist the above-mentioned adverse scenario is vital. Otherwise, it can get discoloured, stained, burned, and damaged in no time. Interior designers and architects

Furniture shopping is one of the most exciting and time-consuming activities when it comes to house décor. You have to browse through endless online product catalogues or visit the showrooms to check different designs, colours and styles. Further, it can become one of the most daunting and money-intensive processes if not done properly. While choosing the right furniture is undoubtedly one tough task undoubtedly, so is picking the right size of that furniture best suited

studio apartment ideas

Most of us don’t find it comfortable to stay in a small studio apartment. Many a time, it is forced upon the individuals due to budgetary constraints or lack of availability of apartments in the preferred location. It would soothe your heart and make the stay pleasant if you can include styling elements to the studio apartments. Since the apartment has space limitations; the furnishings and interior decoration have to be chosen wisely. To avoid

tips for choosing curtain for home

Curtains play a pivotal role in the appearance of your interior. It can make or break the looks. You need to consider varying factors, including the shade of the walls, the fabric you want, the colour options and the design patterns whilst choosing a curtain. Guidance from a professional interior designer will help to finalize the curtain for your home.  Types of Curtains There are two types of curtains, i.e. readymade curtains, which you can

home office ideas

The devastating COVID-19 pandemic has forced business entities and organizations (predominantly in the private sector) to introduce work from home for as many employees as possible. The spread of the viral infection is not under control to date. Consequently, precautionary measures are still being observed at every corner of the world. Working from home is a comfortable and convenient way for most of the employees. However, it is a complicated thing for those who don’t